Fire and Smoke Restoration

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Experiencing the devastating loss of a fire can be a traumatic experience for any home or business owner. After the destruction and loss of your possessions and fearing for the safety of your family, you are in need of a fire restoration team with won’t just clean up the disaster, but will also be sensitive to the trauma that you and your family are experiencing. U.S. Flood Team’s fire damage technicians are available day or night to help assess your fire and smoke damage, and start the restoration process. More often than not, smoke and flooding come hand in hand with a fire damage loss. With U.S. Flood Team’s complete and comprehensive services, you get the reliable, capable partner who will restore your home from floor to ceiling and get your life back into order.

Smoke & Soot Removal and Cleanup

The aroma of smoke seeps into everything after a fire has occurred. If a home or business is not properly cleaned and restored, it can smell that way forever. Along with the stench of smoke, soot is another after effect that comes with a fire. Any surface that the soot comes into contact with will develop a nasty, oily residue. It’s necessary that special cleaning products and methods be employed in order to thoroughly remove it. Both of these can be easily handled by the trained and certified restoration technicians at U.S. Flood Team. We are equipped with the best tools of the trade, cleaning products and methods, certifications, and training needed to cleanup and restore fire, smoke and soot damage after a fire incident.

Our fire and smoke damage services include:

  • Fire Damage Restoration and Reconstruction
  • Smoke, Odor & Soot Removal
  • Structural Deodorizatoin & Cleanup

U.S. Flood team is proud to offer to our loyal customers a large variety of fire damage restoration and repair services, which are all designed to get your home or business back to its pre-loss condition as soon as possible. Our fire restoration methods are the best around, so you can rest easy knowing that we dedicated to offering nothing but the highest standards for you and your family.

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