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2″ of water, no power – 3 weeks later, a complete loss

When you find water in your home or business, you want it gone asap! It takes no time at all for water to create problems, and it must be addressed right away to stop further damage and expenses from occurring; but fast response isn’t the only important thing that matters. It’s just as important to make sure that the water extraction and cleanup includes complete dry out to prevent mold from growing and other problems from happening. U.S. Flood Team provides water removal and cleanup services in Loveland OH and the surrounding areas.

We address water damage everywhere, no matter where it’s located

Sadly, a lot of water damage restoration companies miss vital elements of effective water damage cleanup and drying. Buildings act the same way as sponges do, so just because you don’t see any water doesn’t mean the building is completely dry. There are two particularly tricky areas to handle water damage issues with – the attic and the basement. This is because the moisture could be hidden very well and create the right conditions for mold to grow rapidly. Any sewage damage that may be included with the flooding water can contain hazardous microbes that pose a serious risk to the health of anyone who comes into contact with it. That’s why it’s so important to choose a water damage restoration company who are experts at delivering ALL of the aspects that make up water damage restoration.

When U.S. Flood team arrives on site of the water damage incident, we’re immediately on alert for all water damage problems, whether its caused by leaky, broken, or frozen/burst pipes, overflows from sinks or toilets, or malfunctioning water heaters, dishwasher, washing machines or refrigerators. Our service technicians look deeper than the surface level, and measure moisture at the insulation, stud, and sill plate level. We then create a moisture map of the areas affected by the water and monitor the moisture content, humidity levels, and temperatures daily. This dedication to making sure your home or business is completely dried out is one of the advantages you receive when you work with U.S. Flood Team. Once everything has been completely dried out, the restoration process can start and all damage flooring, walls, ceilings, and carpets can be cleaned and repaired or replaced.

These services must be performed as quickly as possible when you have a water damage situation:

  • Extraction – the removal of all water, debris and mud from the premises
  • Demolition – the removal of all unsalvageable building materials i.e. drywall, paneling, doors, flooring, trim, etc.
  • Bio-washing – a process that involves chemicals, pressure and hot water to decontaminate the premises
  • Drying – we structurally dry the premises so it is ready for reconstruction

Water Damage – Why Dry It?

YOUR MONEY: Up to 70% of replacement and re-construction costs can be SAVED if flood clean-up is handled quickly and efficiently. Lack of moisture control leads to mold, which is often hidden inside your walls. Homes and offices are gutted due to delayed flood clean-up efforts.

YOUR HEALTH: Failure to remove contaminated materials, moisture, and humidity will cause serious health problems. Standing water and wet materials are a breeding ground for microbial growth. This causes disease, allergic reactions, and continues to cause damage long after the flood.

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